Discover Tel Aviv's world-leading startup ecosystem, ranked one of the world's most innovative cities.

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Tel Aviv’s Startup Ecosystem

Tel Aviv is home to cultivating a thriving, accessible and creative start-up ecosystem, rivaled only by the Silicon Valley. Tel Aviv is unparalleled in its innovation, creativity, synergy, and young, brilliant, energy. Venture capital, seed funds and accelerators, co-working spaces, talent, free Wi-Fi, the Start Tel Aviv competition, global events, major international hi-tech and budding startups, leading research and academic institutions – it’s no wonder Tel Aviv was ranked one of the two most innovative cities in the world by the Wall Street Journal, and one of the top three tourist destinations by Lonely Planet. Tel Aviv is taking a quantum leap, promoting entrepreneurs, hi-tech and startups, on the backdrop of a cutting-edge art scene, beautiful beaches,outdoor cafes, urban grit, and a thriving culinary scene. All this makes Tel Aviv not just a global business center, but also, the ultimate nonstop city.

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Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tel Aviv

A vibrant international hub of innovation and technology, Tel Aviv is bubbling with investors, entrepreneurs and hi-tech professionals from around the world. The Tel Aviv Municipality along with our government, corporate and NGO partners, is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and innovators and to helping startups and tech-companies at all levels succeed and excel by lowering their barriers to success. Through city-sponsored and supported local and national policy, municipal tax breaks, co-working spaces, business and partner-led programs, and much more, Tel Aviv is fostering an innovative, digital and accessible environment, and providing the platforms and spaces necessary to facilitate innovation and R&D, and simplify bureaucratic procedures for startup ventures in the city. We provide advice, support, tax breaks, and some of the world’s top beaches. What more could you want? 

 IMTM Digital Travel Dome 

 The International Mediterranean Tourism  Market (IMTM 2015) is the largest travel expo in  its region and the annual peak of the tourism  industry in Israel. The event bridges between  tourism professionals, buyers, suppliers and  exhibitors from Israel and abroad. IMTM  2015 will hold a DIGITAL TRAVEL DOME in the  startup city, showcasing cutting edge digital  innovation and breakthrough digital travel  startups.